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Welcome to Community Planners, LLC

Community Planners, LLC (CPLLC) is a consulting firm that has served non-profit housing providers – primarily Home Owner Associations (HOAs), housing cooperatives, and their associated property management companies – since 2002.

Our primary practice areas are:

1. Facility Planning

Comprehensive plans that address the replacement of community common elements over time (capital improvements) as well as raising the capital (reserves) to fund that work; and,

2. Capital Improvements

The full range of Project Planning/Design/Bidding/Administrative services that deliver transparency, accountability, choice, and value to clients pursuing capital improvement projects.

Our goals are to:

1. Provide clients the best possible information so they can make informed decisions regarding how they will use community resources; and,

2. Provide clients the necessary tools to bid and administer capital improvement projects so that those projects deliver accountability and the outcomes our clients seek.

We achieve our goals through our experience, knowledge, a passion for details, a commitment to a fair and transparent bid process, a conviction that team building and communication are the cornerstone of successful community/project planning; and, our belief that accurate public information is essential to democratic decision making.

Helping communities and their volunteer Boards come to terms with planning and capital improvement tasks in ways that provide accountability, transparency; and, information they can use is the space in the marketplace Community Planners fills.

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    Community Planners, LLC provides a full range of facility, maintenance, and capital improvement planning as well as project bidding, and project management services.

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