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Community Planners (CPLLC) founder, Jules Lefcowitz, has over 35 years of proven experience in the construction and property management industry.

The genesis of CPLLC came when Mr. Lefcowitz moved to Connecticut and was renting a home in a condominium community. The community – not unlike many associations today – had large capital needs, limited financial resources…and little experience in purchasing goods/services with transparency, accountability, and value in mind. They also had no culture/experience when it came to community building and developing consensus for such a transformational event.

As the Association Board struggled to manage and move forward with what was to become one of the earliest (and largest) capital improvements loans in the state, the lack of tools and resources at the community’s disposal was obvious, disturbing…and the stuff upon which a business was born.

Mr. Lefcowitz became a consultant to the Association. He developed bid documents and conducted the project bid on their behalf…providing the Association tools to make informed buying decisions concerning the work as well as tools to administer the Contract. We haven’t stopped working with HOAs since.

Prior to launching CPLLC:

• Mr. Lefcowitz spent fifteen years as a program administrator and project manager for federally funded projects—the redevelopment of entire public housing communities, community-wide capital programs, and affordable housing construction/rehab—for public housing authorities, community developers, and other nonprofit housing providers in the Washington, D.C. area and New Haven, CT.

• Mr. Lefcowitz operated a masonry construction business based in both Pittsburgh. PA and Washington, D.C, that performed new construction commercial contracts – primarily church, midrise, multi-family, and other commercial buildings – ranging from $30,000 to $850,000.

Mr. Lefcowitz’ construction field and construction business experience has informed CPLLC’s approach to the business of construction. That is, successful HOA capital improvement projects require standards that define the business behaviors of the project participants…as well as specifications that define the technical aspects (method and means) of the work. Project standards must be rigorous, enforceable, and fair.

Similarly, his work with housing non-profits made Mr. Lefcowitz aware of the importance long range planning, transparent use of community resources, accessible/understandable public information, and commitment to community has upon the success of volunteer Boards as they pursue long range planning, maintenance, and capital improvement programs for their community. Community decisions need to be the result of a principled, transparent, and inclusive process.

Mr. Lefcowitz and CPLLC Associates bring this perspective and these ideas to all client projects.

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