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  • March 3, 2015
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Community Planners LLC principal Jules LefcowitzI have been working with condominium, cooperatives, and other nonprofit housing providers for the last twenty-five years. Invariably, these organizations have difficulty demonstrating they have, in fact, done “the right thing” with community funds and resources. It is the biggest on-going challenge communities and their Boards face. This is due, in part, to the democratic ideal that defines governance in these communities…and how we have come to define our mutual responsibilities regarding communication, transparency, and accountability when utilizing community resources.

The raw materials of community decisions – gathering information, contemplating choices, discussing the value of choices, and building consensus regarding choices – does require time and commitment.

Most volunteer Boards have little experience in purchasing goods/services with transparency and accountability in mind. So, doing “the right thing” can become burdensome work. However, it is very important, necessary work that, when well executed, is immensely satisfying and can transform communities forever.

Contact me to get started on a project.

Jules Lefcowitz
Principal of Community Planners, LLC

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